Jewelry Education


Silver is by far the most dazzling metal in jewelry, and bears the distinction of being the most popular choice for wearers. Sterling silver appeals to both men and women, and can be used to make everything from classic, time-enduring styles to cutting-edge trendy items worn by younger generations. When assessing a piece of sterling silver jewelry, it is important to check for authenticity. This can be done by making sure it is marked with the number “925”, which indicates it is 92.5 percent pure silver.  The 925 number denotes that the piece of jewelry is at the ideal level of purity. This is because the 7.5 percent of alloy toughens it precisely enough to use it to make jewelry without depleting too much of its luster.Other marks of quality that indicate a piece of jewelry is real sterling silver include the words “sterling,” “sterling silver” and “ster.” One of the many benefits of sterling silver is that it is a longer-lasting metal that won`t wear down, as silver plating can.  The sterling silver collection is of the highest quality and features a variety of beautiful pieces, including necklaces, bracelets, charm bracelets and earrings. We have carefully selected time-honored designs from acclaimed craftspeople around the country.

Cleaning sterling silver
It is important to know that silver jewelry will tarnish over time. For this reason, many fine jewelers sell silver polishing cloths and silver cleaners that are specifically designedto remove any signs of tarnish. Such cleansers include the liquid variety in which the owner may leave his or her silver jewelry to soak overnight, as opposed to having to scrub it. Polishing or soaking silver jewelry often will help avoid the tarnishing process,and help maintain its gorgeous gloss.

Tip for wearers

Keep your silver necklaces, rings and bracelets in a thick bag when you are not wearing
them. This will help protect them from becoming tarnished.